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Pilou & Amy de LC’était un vrai plaisir d’avoir Matthew comme photographe à notre mariage. Il nous a mis complètement à l’aise.Il avait une vision claire de ce qu’il voulait avoir comme résultats et il nous a dirigé d’une manière amusante.Nous sommes ravis des résultats et nous garderons d’excellents souvenirs pour toujoursAmy et Pilou It was a real pleasure having Matthew photograph our wedding. He calmed our nerves and put us at total ease.He had a clear image of the kinds of photos he wanted and directed us clearly whilst making the whole affair very enjoyable.We are thrilled with the results and will cherish them for years to come Amy and Pilou

Tim & Alison D"We didn't have a strict set of rules or photographs to be taken at our wedding: we just sort of let Matthew loose and trusted him to capture the feeling of the event. He certainly did that, and in a way that didn't interfere or intrude. The photos he took look absolutely great, and are exactly what we wanted."

Richard & Tara C“Matthew was a breath of fresh air.  Calm, collected and organised, he immediately put the bride and groom at ease and took fantastic shots with different atmospheres and backgrounds,  not just the usual canned stuff.  His repertoire photography inspired delighted comments from people who didn't even know he had been there. perfectly capturing the moment without intrusion, a delicate and difficult mix for a photographer to achieve which Matthew excelled at. For our wedding party the groom’s father was unable to attend at very short notice due to illness.  Matthew went above the call of duty and set up an online photo gallery which he uploaded to several times during the wedding.  Thus allowing the grooms parents to partake in the days events from afar.I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew to others"

Ricky & Hannah E (wedding organisers)“Thank you so much for agreeing to photograph our wedding, we both thought you were superb and really approachable which obviously made our day that more special, so again, thank you so much.The photos are absolutely amazing and we are both so thrilled to get a photographer of your calibre - I meet a lot of photographers as you will appreciate and see a lot of wedding photos and I can safely say yours are the best shots I have seen.”

Marty & Rosie S“Thankyou so much for taking such beautiful pictures at our wedding, we are so delighted to have such a lovely record of our day. Thanks also for being so fun and friendly, you made something that could have been quite stressful into a fun event.”

Anthony & Angeles C"We were fortunate indeed in having Matthew as our wedding photographer inMallorca.  Paramount among the many attributes he brought to our special day is his ability to "capture the moment" resulting in stunning colour and mono images being produced and covering both formal and informal situations. He is utterly professional yet made everyone feel very relaxed during his work. His images are a lasting record of a memorable event for which we are all very grateful”

Andrew & Fiona M"Having Matthew as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made! He has a great personality and made all of our guests feel relaxed. The photo's are fantastic, and there are plenty to choose from. Our guests were very impressed at the high quality of the imagery and Matthew's ability to create great compositions. We loved that the relaxed atmosphere that everyone felt was captured in the photo's. Many, many thanks Matthew!"

Lorin & Edith K (don’t worry, it’s tongue in cheek!)“Matthew blasted into our wedding in a high-powered convertible kicking up dust and taking no prisoners. Using his camera like an A-K, he mowed down our family and friends and left no one untouched. Then, late into the night, Matthew tore away as quickly as he arrived, leaving behind a trail of weeping bridesmaids and smiling faces.  A week or so later we received a DVD of the most beautiful photography.  Thank you so much Matthew."

Josh & Kasia S“We would like to say thank you for the wonderful photos you took at our wedding.  We have been going through them and there are some really magnificent shots.  My wife can't wait to start putting together an album.  We really appreciate the effort you put into this.”

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